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One frustrating phrase that we hear from patients is, “ Why do I have so many cavities?” The other that we hear is, “Why do I need so much gum therapy? ” When you hear that you have cavities or gum disease those are indeed reasonable questions. So, let me explain why….

It can be caused by

 ●Having too many soft drinks, which have lots of phosphoric and citric acids
 ●Fruit drinks.
 ●Sour foods or candies. 
●Dry mouth or low saliva flow (xerostomia). 
●A diet high in sugar and starches. 
●Acid reflux disease (GERD) or heartburn. 
●Gastrointestinal problems.
ProDentim is an Global brand of antiseptic pills that is promoted with the slogan

“Kills germs that cause bad breath and bad gums “

ProDentim is a recently released dental health support supplement that has generated a lot of online discussion since its release. ProDentim, according to its manufacturer, promotes dental health by replenishing the beneficial bacteria in your mouth and preserving a balanced oral microbiome. In this ProDentim review, we’ll find out whether the supplement really does promote dental health as the company says. ProDentim is one of the most well-liked dental health support formulae now available, and because of this and the hype it has generated, people are intrigued about the supplement and its efficacy. 

How Does ProDentim Work?

The active components in ProDentim probiotic candy work to repopulate beneficial bacteria in your mouth. They reduce inflammation and provide a healthy oral environment. ProDentim product not only ensures healthy gums and teeth, but it also reduces tooth discolouration. ProDentim soft tablets include nutritional elements that preserve your gums. When used on a daily basis, ProDentim pills help to maintain a healthy oral environment. ProDenttim oral health support supplement promotes bacterial equilibrium in the mouth. ProDentim probiotic pills not only keep your mouth healthy, but they also help your immune system and respiratory trac

Each tablet of ProDentim contains the following ingredients:

• L. Paracasei

• BLIS M-18 and BLIS K-12

• B.Lactis (BL-04)

• Dicalcium phosphate

• Inulin

• Mint

• L. Reuteri

• Toothpaste and mouthwashes remove the microbiome in your mouth; however, ProDentim doesn’t remove any of it.

 • The supplement not only protects your teeth and gums but supports your overall oral health.

 • The bacteria in your mouth may cause inflammation; however, ProDentim helps to promote oral hygiene and prevent inflammation in the mouth since the supplement mainly uses anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

• ProDentim tablets can help you balance the good and bad bacteria in your mouth. It removes the harmful bacteria by surrounding your teeth and gums with the good bacteria.

 • Daily dose of this supplement will improve your immune system. 

• ProDentim will give your teeth the natural white color and remove any discoloration.

There are about 95,000 ProDentim customer reviews accessible on the internet, and none of them mention any negative side effects. ProDentim has been verified to have no negative effects since the substances utilised in this supplement are 100% natural and risk-free. You can take these supplements even if you are above the age of 50 or even 90. It is not, however, suggested for youngsters under a specific age.


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